1) N-SING: with supp The manner in which you do something is the way that you do it.

She smiled again in a friendly manner...

I'm a professional and I have to conduct myself in a professional manner...

The manner in which young children are spoken to varies depending on who is present.

2) N-SING: with supp If something is done in the manner of something else, it is done in the style of that thing.

It's a satire somewhat in the manner of Dickens...

We kissed each other's cheeks in the European manner.

3) N-SING: usu poss N Someone's manner is the way in which they behave and talk when they are with other people, for example whether they are polite, confident, or bad-tempered.

His manner was self-assured and brusque...

Her manner offstage, like her manner on, is somewhat surly.

Derived words:
-mannered COMB in ADJ-GRADED

Forrest was normally mild-mannered, affable, and untalkative...

The British are considered ill-mannered, badly dressed and unsophisticated.

4) N-PLURAL If someone has good manners, they are polite and observe social customs. If someone has bad manners, they are impolite and do not observe these customs.

He dressed well and had impeccable manners...

The manners of many doctors were appalling...

They taught him his manners.

5) See also , table manners
6) PHRASE: PHR n If you refer to all manner of objects or people, you are talking about objects or people of many different kinds.

Mr Winchester is impressively knowledgeable about all manner of things.

...her pictures of all manner of wildlife.

7) PHRASE: PHR with cl (vagueness) You say in a manner of speaking to indicate that what you have just said is true, but not absolutely or exactly true.

An attorney is your employee, in a manner of speaking...

`You said she was a poor widow lady!' - `In a manner of speaking she is,' Alison said.

in a way
8) PHRASE: PHR n You use what manner of to suggest that the person or thing you are about to mention is of an unusual or unknown kind. [LITERARY]

There was much curiosity about what manner of man he was...

What manner of place is this?

English dictionary. 2008.

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